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Robin of Loxley
Full name Robin of Loxley
Aliases Robin Hood, Robin in the Hood, the Hooded Man, Herne's Son
Born 1173 or 1175
Died 1202 (age 27 or 29)
Birthplace Loxley
Home Sherwood Forest
Occupation Outlaw
Family members Ailric (father), Much (foster brother), Marion (wife), Richard of Leaford (father-in-law)
Portrayed by Michael Praed
First appearance "Robin Hood and the Sorcerer, part 1"
Episode count 13

Robin of Loxley is the first person known to have taken up the role of the Hooded Man. He was portrayed by Michael Praed.


Robin of Loxley was six feet tall, with dark brown hair and green eyes. He was about twenty years old when he took on the mantle of the Hooded Man.


Early lifeEdit

Robin was born in the Saxon village of Loxley in 1173 or 1175 CE, the son of Ailric of Loxley. The identity of Robin's mother is unknown. At the age of five (1178/1180 CE), Robin's village was burned to the ground by Norman soldiers under the command of Robert de Rainault. Robin was spirited from the village by his father, and left in the care of Much's parents (Matthew the Miller and his wife), but Ailric was slain by de Rainault's men while attempting to protect the Silver Arrow. After Ailric's death, it is presumed that Robin was raised by Much's family.


At the age of twenty, Robin and Much fell afoul of the law when Much shot one of the King's deer in Sherwood Forest. The pair were captured by Sir Guy of Gisbourne, a young knight in the Sheriff of Nottingham's employ, and imprisoned in Nottingham Castle. In the dungeon, Robin and Much encountered Will Scarlet, Tom Fletcher, Dickon, and the Old Prisoner. The group succeeded in escaping, though the Old Prisoner elected to stay behind with his pet rat, Arthur. The five agreed to rendezvous in Sherwood after escaping Nottingham.

While making his escape from the castle, Robin encountered Marion of Leaford, who helped him avoid Gisbourne. He would later say to Marion that he "loved you from the first moment I saw you and every moment since."

Herne and Little JohnEdit

Shortly after entering Sherwood, Robin had his first encounter with Herne the Hunter, who told Robin that he had been chosen to be Herne's Son, the Hooded Man, and was to be the hope of the common people oppressed by the Norman upper class.

About the same time, Baron Simon de Belleme, who had witnessed Robin's escape from Nottingham Castle, ordered his servant, an ensorcelled John Littleof Hathersage, to pursue Robin into Sherwood and slay him. Some time afterwards, John caught up with Robin in Sherwood and the two engaged in a furious stave-battle on a narrow bridge. Robin was able to break the spell and the two became fast friends, with Robin bestowing the ironic nickname "Little John" on the larger man. Soon after, the pair were joined by Will, Tom, and Dickon.

The Hooded ManEdit

The outlaws had been pursued into Sherwood by the Sheriff's troops, led by Guy of Gisbourne, but they soon gave up the search once night fell. That same night, while encamped with Will, Tom, and Dickon, Robin was again called by Herne, and led to the forest lord's cave. Here, Herne gave Robin a longbow, and entrusted him with the sword Albion, forged by the legendary smith Wayland.

The next day, Robin and his allies were joined by Much, who had briefly returned to his parents. Much informed Robin that Guy of Gisbourne had led his troops to his father's mill and slew his parents. Robin then convinced the others to remain in Sherwood as outlaws and continue the fight against tyranny.


Robin was lured into a trap and slain by the Sheriff of Nottingham's soldiers in 1202. Before his death, Robin entrusted Albion to Marion, and was able to buy time so she and Much could escape.

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