Full name Much the Miller's Son
Born late 1170's
Died Unknown
Birthplace England, near Sherwood
Home Sherwood Forest
Occupation Outlaw
Family members Matthew the Miller (father), "the Miller's wife" (mother), Robin of Loxley (foster brother)
Portrayed by Peter Llewellyn Williams
First appearance Robin Hood and the Sorcerer
Episode count 24

Much the Miller's Son was the foster brother of Robin of Loxley, and a member of Robin Hood's band. He was portrayed by Peter Llewellyn Williams.


Much was 5',7" tall, with red hair and dark brown eyes.


Much appeared to be a few years younger than his foster brother, Robin of Loxley, so was probably born in the late 1170's. His parents were Matthew the Miller and "the Miller's wife" (real name unrevealed).

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